About Us


About Us

Arnold J. Eisenberg, Founder
 Arnold J. Eisenberg, Inc. was founded by a man of the utmost integrity and character.  Arnie's  reputation perseveres today.  Just the mere mention of his name puts those in the Commercial Real Estate Industry in awe. With his hard work and candor, he earned an admirable and well deserved reputation.  His word was worth its weight in gold, and deals were done with a handshake. Arnie had passion and dedication for the business that gave him true excellence. Because of his outstanding talent, market knowledge, and the ability to create "the right location" he gained respect that is renowned. Over his years in the Commercial Real Estate industry, Arnie set the standard for those who followed. His passion and instinct were stepping stones for creating and nourishing long lasting relationships.  The same standards that Arnie set in his many years of service still hold true for the company today.

Who We Are

Steve Eisenberg, President & C.E.O.
As president of Arnold J. Eisenberg, Inc., Steve Eisenberg walks in the footsteps of  his father. Steve was taught the business by the very best of the best. He possesses the same extraordinary talent,  instincts, work ethic, and passion for the business that his father did. He has nourished the relationships that his father created and continues to produce for them. Knowing the markets and industry in depth, he has taken young companies and guided them in their expansion plans which has given them the advantage to fully penetrate the market.
Steve was also instrumental in the creation of the Retail Brokers Network, a national network of real estate brokers consisting of over 60 real estate offices nationwide. He has served as president of the network and is currently an Executive Council Member in North America.
Email: SEisenberg@aol.com
Lisa Wiener, Retail Leasing & Managing Broker
Lisa has had an extensive real estate career serving as a VP of Commercial Leasing and Managing Broker. She has developed leasing strategies for over 3.5 million SF of existing and proposed real estate. She has also analyzed annual property budgets to locate additional expense savings and missed revenue opportunities. In addition, she  has been involved with land assembly and acquisition.
Email: ljwiener@gmail.com

 Richard Halle, Retail /Office/ Industrial Leasing Agent
Richard has added his expertise in Retail, Office and Industrial Leasing to Arnold J. Eisenberg, Inc.  His area of work has enabled Arnold J. Eisenberg to be a full service commercial brokerage firm.
Email: rlhwh@sbcglobal.net
Tammy Lanning, Retail Leasing Agent
Tammy is well seasoned at tenant representation and site selection. Her bachelor’s degree in communications serves her well when dealing with a diverse array of clientele from around the world. Her philosophy is "listen first, speak later; we can only find what a client wants, if we know what the client needs." Her background in aviation, as a private pilot and owner of an aircraft parts distribution company, for 17 years, enables her to see things from the perspective of a business owner. She believes that analytical thinking, imagination and hard work are the necessary ingredients, to provide excellence in customer service, when it comes to site selection.
Email: tammy.lanning@aol.com

Turner Carvin, Retail Leasing Agent
Turner is a new agent at Arnold J. Eisenberg. Graduating from Ohio University, he majored in marketing and received certificates in sales and real estate. He has lived in Cleveland growing up and has extensive knowledge of the different markets. Turner is a hard working member of the team that is eager to learn as much as possible about this great industry. 
Daniel Morris, Marketing Director / GIS Specialist
With 20 years of Marketing and GIS experience, Daniel has had the opportunity to work with both Arnie and Steve throughout his career. He started DemoReports LLC, a demographics company in 2005 and continues property marketing and demographic studies for Arnold J. Eisenberg and its clients. Daniel also acts as the IT Administrator and Webmaster. info@demoreports.com
Carol Eisenberg, Accountant
Carol has been with the company from its inception. She helped start the company with her beloved late husband Arnie and is still working with the company. She is responsible for accounts receivable and payable as well as payroll.
Email: carolkeisenberg@yahoo.com
Mary Jo Liba, Office Manager
Mary Jo Liba, Office Manager with Arnold J. Eisenberg has been at the company for over 21 years. She is instrumental in managing the office and keeping vital information flowing to and from clients.
Email: maryjoliba@gmail.com